About Elite Group of Institution

Elite Public Charitable Trust is registered in the state of Jharkhand on 30.07.1999 The promoters of the trust are highly qualified persons (Doctors) who are dedicated to produce excellent and quality technical education based on moral values and ethics. The main object of the Trust is to develop skilled and educated manpower in the area where there is acute shortage. The trust aims at making its institution one of the best educational institutions in Jharkhand/ India to enable its students to acquire top places in the National market.

The trust, aiming at providing technical institutions, preferred at the first instance to promote technical education and established a Teachers’ Training College in the name and style of Elite Public B.Ed. College in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Chianki, Daltonganj (Jharkhand)

This is the edge of specialization, particularly, the task of education of children needs skilled teachers to combat the problem of modern education, scientific and artisan teachers to protect the interest of students to complete with the modern progressive education developing in the world. Elite Public B.Ed. College is also recognized as a pioneering Institution to start B.Ed. course in the state of Jharkhand.

Teachers play a very important in a student’s life. To a great extent , It is the teachers who decide the shape of a student’s life. So, it is very necessary to be adequately to be equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the student. To achieve this, Bachelor of Education or B.Ed was introduced, Which will teach a person about teaching and the Various aspects associated with teaching. Once a Person completes the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) training, then he is awarded with a B.Ed. Degree.

There are some important reasons as to why one should opt for B.Ed Course with Us…
  •  Highly qualified and Dedicated faculty.
  •  STATE of the art Infrastructure and facilities.
  •  A modernistic approach to education .
  •  Hands on training
  •  Focus on “you