Biometric attendance Machine

 Wi-fi Re established

 R.O for purifing the water

 E- library

Classroom facility

The Institute has spacious architecturally designed lecture and tutorial rooms. lt also has glossy chalkboards and flannel boards all intact, furnished with adequate modern furniture.

Classroom Ethics :-

 Passion for teaching learning and Reasearch

 Respects for students

 Deeper understanding

 Clarity of expression / thought

 Fluency of language


Science and Mathematics Resource Center

Science is not only knowledge but also an art. This art is explored, experimented & practiced in Science Resource Centre. Science cannot be taught effectively without testing, Experimentation & demonstration of the scientific facts. Science Resource Centre is the place & means with the help of which all these necessary activities can be performed smoothly & effectively.

Math Resource centre is a place where students can learn & explore mathematical concepts & verity mathematical facts & theories through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities may be carried out by teacher or the students themselves to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest & favorable attitude towards math. These aims are fulfilled by Science & math Resource centre setup in the college. Various experiments are done, models & charts are prepared by the students and extension lectures are delivered by educationists.

Psychology Research Center

In any scheme of study there should be a close integration of theory with practice. We have a curiosity to know intellectual level, interest, aptitudes, personality, adjustment etc. We can know such things about them through their measurements & this measurement is possible through relevant psychological tests.

The college has a separate Psychology Laboratory which has sufficient psychological apparatus, test, transparencies and CD’s which are related to various aspects of human development and teaching learning process for conducting psychology experiments included in the B.Ed Syllabus.

Health and Physical Resource Center

College have a fully equipped health & physical resource centre , it provides ample opportunities for student to indulge in indoor & outdoor sports activities. The student can avail of indoor games like chess, carom- board & Outdoor games like badminton, volley ball.

Our mission is to help provide students with adequate resources to excel in sports by creating environment which imbibes on ethics of sportsmanship. College aims to develop professional competence through physical, emotional development for benefit of student.

Language Lab

Language lab is set up in college because it is not only a place where learners perform language experiment but it is a special lab where language experiments can be practiced by speaking & listening with the help of sound equipment . It recognizes the individual differences and language aptitude of learner .

It is self – learning device, designed in such a manner that a student can practice carefully produced pattern of drills. College’s lab is well equipped with microphones , LCD projector with screen, CPU & many CD’s to learn & speak English fluently .

ET Laboratory

The college has a newly – renovated state – of – the – art computer laboratory with internet connection facilities. The laboratory has 16 personal computers with the latest configuration specially for the use by the student. The laboratory is also equipped with Scanning and Printing facilities.

The college also has Overhead Projectors, Audio Equipment, a VCD Player and Television, and such other equipments which are often used in the teaching – learning process. The laboratory is looked after by a qualified teaching assistant who also provides technical support.

ICT & Smart Classes

A well equipped art & craft resource centre is established in college because canvas is the mode to express the inner feelings of students.It is said that colour speak for themselves. Art is soul of life, creativity is cultured with opportunities extended in many form. All the possible facilities & opportunities are extended to our Students to engrave their minds and creativity.


The institution has a well defined set of vision, mission and objectives. The library at BCE complies with them and has an open – access system. The Library provides services to the faculty members and student. In this regard, the library is supported by 100’s of educational CD’s including Encyclopedia Britannica and National Geographic Journals.

The library subscribes to 2 International Journals and nearly 30 periodicals including magazines, journals and newspapers. The library is constantly enriched and new material is added to keep abreast with latest changes and advancements in the fiend of education . For the convenience of the readers, photocopying facility has also been provided in library premises.

 Total No. of Library Books –5754

 Education Journal- 40

 Encyclopedia – 20

The main objectives of the library are

 To develop appropriate collections in various disciplines for satisfying the needs of the students.

 To provide reading, lending ,, reference, information and documentation facilities to all categories of staff and students.

 To Support and facilitate the research , learning , teaching and administrative activities of the institution .

 To provide an appropriate and comfortable environment and facilities for the use of Library resources, and for individual and group study.